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I'm an independent designer and art director living in Istanbul. Also, working as Art Director of Lider Entertainment and as part-time Teaching Assistant at Sabanci University.

The first brief i worked on was back in 1997 for my mother: 'Can you draw our family for us?' a challenge i immediately accepted and have since perfected. For approximately 20 years, visually expressing environments and my inner world has been my main passion in life.

As a product designer, i focus on creating objects and concepts that provoke emotional interactions between the user and the product; by combining user needs, manufacturing requirements, sustainability and artistic approach. From the communication design perspective, i try to reach a clarified interaction in order to communicate with the receiver in the strongest way.

In recent years, I've worked at Aydiner Lighting, Istanbul Technical University and A|Z ITU Journal of Faculty of Architecture. In 2016, I instructed a workshop called 'Graphic Design Through Personal Experiences', and gave graphic design lectures for 6 weeks at Istanbul Technical University. Apart from the above mentioned, some of my products and works have been exhibited in Istanbul Design Week, Istanbul Design Biennial and Istanbul Innovation Week.

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My first love. I use Photoshop for photography manipulations more than 10 years.


I work with Rhinoceros for almost all of my product design work for 3D Modelling.


I spent more time with Illustrator's interface than I've ever spent with my girlfriends.


As the easiest software ever, I work with Keyshot for rendering 3D Models.


I use InDesign or creating multiple page publishings.

After Effects

I use After Effects for creating promotional videos for my projects.










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