A Digital Exhibition HOMETOWN PROJECT
  • EXHIBITION BY: Istanbul Technical University
  • YEAR: 2015
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook
In 2014-2015 fall semester, in the scope of EUT343E Typography course “Hometown Project” was assigned as the final project. In this project, 26 students designed city identities for their hometowns. As there is a tendency towards creating design cities with unique identities just like brands, students were expected to make a research and design a visual identity for the city they were from or lived for a while. As a final outcome, students designed both printed and digital types of visual elements for their hometowns such as logo, pattern, poster, brochure, business card and promotional product. Cultural diversity of students’ background via Erasmus Programme provides richness in terms of quality and quantity of outcomes of the project. This exhibition includes a selection of students’ projects from “Hometown Project”.
By the end of the December 2014, we started for the preparations of a digital and a printed exhibition of outputs of the class with the class instructors Asst.Prof.Dr. Hümanur Bağlı and Dr. Koray Gelmez. We prepared a 19-minutes-long digital exhibition including our kinetic typography tryings as well as a printed exhibition of 140 posters. Also, I worked on all visual communication materials, social media pages and website of the project . By the project we, as a team, questioned how to create a timeless and contextless exhibition consept considering diversity of the individuals' works. Digital version is available since the opening day in ITU Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center, on 21st of May 2015. On December 2016, the exhibiton rebuilt in ITU Taskisla Campus for two weeks. You can watch the full digital version of the exhibition.